Veteran Spotlight

Veteran Spotlight

Christina Dempsey

Name and Relation of Veteran:

Lawrence E. Dempsey

Branch of Service/ Years Served/ Conflict Served in?

Air Force/ 22 Years/ Vietnam, Gulf War, Desert Sheld and Desert Storm

Class Level:

Degree Objective:
Masters in Education with a Concentration in School Counseling

Masters in Education with a Concentration in School of Counseling

Ceres, Ca


Why did you choose CSU Stanislaus?
I chose CSU Stanislaus due to a fantastic School Counseling Program which is my field of study, close proximity to my residence, a nice change at a different college, and the overall atmpspher of the campus.

Did you know you were eligible for Veteran Dependent benefits?

Yes, as a dependent I was knowledgeable and very well aware about the fact that I was eligible for Veteran Dependent benefits.

What advice would you give Prospective Veteran Dependent Students?

As a Veteran Dependent Student, please make sure you are familiar with the Cal Vet Fee Waiver and Chapter 35 benefits. Always make sure to ask questions for clarification. Continue on with your schooling and have the opportunity to do so as a dependent, because the chance may never come again. Best of Luck!

What has been your favorite academic or student life experience so far?
My favorite student life experience has been meeting other students who are Veterans or dependents of Veterans. The Student Veterans' Center is a wonderful place to study, meet new people, network, relax, and have fun!

What is your career objective?
My career objective is to become a counselor. I am compassionate about lending a helping hand and nothing gives me more pleasure than to see other individuals happy, proud, and successful. Another career objective of mine is to be come a Zumba Instructor. A healthy balance in life is the key to feeling great about one's self and having fun while doing it.

Do you plan to attend Graduate School?
I am currently in graduate school.

What clubs, sports, and activities have you participated in?
Fall semester 2012 in my first semester at CSU Stanislaus. I am not involved in any clubs or sports, but I am a CSU Stanislaus Veteran Affairs (VA) Work Study Student. I feel as if I have gained new insights, new experience, and a new family. I have not participated in any activities; however, my first activity will be at an event held on Veterans' Day.

Who are your most influential personal and/or University mentor?
I do not have one most influential person in my life. I have four influential people in my life. The four most influential people in my life are my mother, my father, my aunt, and my boyfriend. All four of my loved ones are support beams. They never fail to motivate me and constantly encourage me to do my very best. They remind me that, "You cannot be the best, but you can be your best." they always make sure to check up on me to see how I am doing. Never a day goes by without a loving reminder that Iam as important to them as they are to me.