Veteran Spotlight

Veteran Spotlight

Carrie Dugovic (Teeters-Retemeyer)

Class Level:
Graduate with Bachelor of Science in CIS 1991

Graduated with Masters of Business Administration 1999

Degree Objective:
Computer Information Systems

Computer Information Systems, School of Business

Hometown/Branch of Service:
Spokane, WA/ U.S. Air Force (1980-1987)

Fresno, CA/ U.S. Air National Guard (1987-1992)


Why did you choose CSU Stanislaus?
My husband was transferred to Castle AFB, so I left active duty and joined the Fresno ANG. I then started working at CSU Stanislaus in the Office of Information Technology Department and subsequently continued my education at Stanislaus.

What was your favorite academic or student life memory and what advise would you give current students?
Late nights in the computer labs, while the work was difficult, the teamwork I experienced working with other CIS students on group projects was the closest thing I've found to the unique camaraderie I found in the military. Advice: Don't get overwhelmed, break semesters down into individual classes, then create a calendar and fill in what is required each day and week to stay on task. By accomplishing the individual tasks each week, before you know it, you've successfully completed another semester.

How did Stanislaus help you shape your career objectives?
I left the Air Force as a Data Control Technician and Computer Operator. By finishing my degree, I moved into a Computer Programmer, then a Database Administrator position. Once I completed my MBA, I also taught advanced database classes part time for several years for the CIS Department. Stanislaus is an awesome place to work, and by getting my degree here, I fully understand the needs of our students. It's easy to think of databases as numbers, but behind every number is a student with important goals and dreams.

What clubs, sports, and activities have you participated in?
Unfortunately, none. Working full time, being in the Fresno ANG and going to school full time left little room for play!

Who are your most influential personal and/or University mentor?
Dr. Zbhignew Gackowski was the most difficult instructor I've ever had, but he taught me the most about real people in real situations. It's easy to be idealistic in college. While painful and frustrating at the time, his teachings were invaluable in my programmer and database administrator positions. Dr. Ronald Lodewyck was very helpful and encouraging.