Veteran Spotlight

Veteran Spotlight

Andrew County

Name and Relation of Veteran:

Vernon County - Father

Branch of Service/Years Served/Conflict served in?

Army National Guard, 35 Years, Vietnam

Class Level:
Super Senior

Degree Objective:
Bachelor’s of Science




Ontario, Ca


Why did you choose CSU Stanislaus?

I was recruited and got a partial scholarship to compete for the track and field team.

Did you know you were eligible for Veteran Dependent benefits?

Yes, my Dad keeps up very updated on all our eligibilities.

What advice would you give Prospective Veteran Dependent Students?

Definitely get involved on campus. Join our Vets Club, go to events, come to sporting games and maximize your student participation.

What has been your favorite academic or student life experience so far?

Working with and alongside individuals who have served in the armed forces, hearing stories, and just talking about life and its options.

What is your career objective?

I want to join the Air Force and do search and rescue, but later I want to work on R & D for pharmaceuticals, recycling, or psychological divisions.

Do you plan to attend Graduate School?

Very much so, education is key to life.

What clubs, sports, and activities have you participated in?

Vets Club, Pole Vault Club, Intramural Sports, Track and Field, Chemistry Research Club