Veteran Spotlight

Veteran Spotlight

Steve Hamer

Class Level:

Degree Objective:

Public Administration

Hometown/Branch of Service:
Stockton, CA/ U.S. Air Force


Born and raised in Stockton, I joined the Air Force out of high school, serving from 1980 until my retirement in 2000. Never passing up an opportunity to travel, I did just that, spending 18 of my twenty years of active duty service overseas, serving both in Southeast and Southwest Asia as well as Central Europe. Of all campaigns in which I took part in Desert Storm, Bosnia and later, Kosovo, memories of being stationed in Berlin to witness the fall of the Wall in November 1989 remain my favorite.

Why did you choose CSU Stanislaus?
Affordability, location, and available course offerings.

What advice would you give Prospective Students?
Take advantage of all opportunities higher education offers, and never stop learning.

What has been your favorite academic or student life experience so far?
Meeting new people from all different backgrounds and experiences.

What is your career objective?
A Senior Management position  in an emergency services agency, i.e. FEMA, CalEma, etc.

Do you plan to attend Graduate School?
Currently attending

What clubs, sports, and activities have you participated in?
I'm passionate fan of craft beer and home brewing as well as an avid bicyclist, participating in centuries and double centuries whenever and wherever I can.

Who are your most influential personal and/or University mentor?
A former commander, Lt. Col. David Ortiz, Dr; coming up through the enlisted ranks and earning a commission, he never forgot his past.