The Road Less Taken Project

The Road Less Taken Project (Southern Regional Education Board Study)

In March 2009, the campus hosted a site visit from by the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB). According to the SREB materials:

The study is designed to add to our understanding of how public policy and institutional initiatives can successfully increase baccalaureate completion rates of students who enter college with only moderate academic credentials and some economic disadvantages. Specifically, our main criteria in identifying institutions for visits were a >50% rate of graduation rate (with a couple of exceptions where the institution is close to that level but has made dramatic improvement in recent years), >25% of its students receive Pell Grants, and the median SAT scores are <1050. The percentage of underrepresented minorities also was a factor for inclusion in some instances.

The study has three phases: Discovery, Institutional Reviews and Analysis. In the Discovery phase we conducted a literature review and, using the Education Trust website, identified public baccalaureate and masters-level institutions that appear to be €œbeating the odds.€ Yours is one of the 16 chosen for our core group and in this visit, we hope to uncover the reasons for your comparative success. After Analysis, we will publish our results present them to institutions, state education officials, and legislators with the goal of influencing public policy.

Contact information:

Ms. Stacey Morgan-Foster, Vice President for Student Affairs, (209) 667-3317