The Academic Wellness Program: Academic Advising for Student Success

The Academic Wellness Program: Academic Advising for Student Success

In response to the Chancellor€™s Initiative on Graduation, California State University, Stanislaus has developed an undergraduate advising program designed to engage and track students from admission to the University through graduation and exploration of graduate options. The Academic Wellness program features a five-stage system of advising check points. Each stage engages the student with an advisor to monitor, encourage, inform and assist the student in making meaningful, productive academic choices. The stages are Check-In, Check-Up, Check-Out, Get-Out, and Welcome Back.

Check-In begins at the time of admission and New Student Orientation, and identifies program options for both declared and undeclared students. Check-In also identifies a time line for selecting a major and encourages the student to work with Career Services to explore career options.

Check-Up (at 70 units) and Check-Out (at 89 units) continue to monitor progress toward the degree objective at key unit points. Students continue to work with an advisor and Career Services in order to take advantage of opportunities such as internships and other career related work experience.

Get-Out (120 units) focuses on making sure the student has completed all degree requirements and applies to graduate in a timely manner.

The final stage in the Academic Wellness cycle is Welcome-Back. The focus of Welcome-Back is to explore graduate school opportunities at California State University, Stanislaus and assist the student in making advanced degree choices.

Academic Wellness is being implemented in stages beginning Summer 2006. A committee of advising professionals has been assigned the task of detailing the program and rolling it out to all departments.

Contact information:

Ms. Stacey Morgan-Foster, Vice-President for Student Affairs (209) 667-3177
Mr. Lee Renner, Senior Director of Retention Services (209) 667-3304
Mr. Ronald Noble, Dean of Students (209) 667-3177
Ms. Lisa Bernardo, Dean of Admissions (209)667-3094