Student Affairs Outcomes and Priorities 2008-2009



  • Civic Engagement
  • Wellness
  • Professional Identity


  • Foster Youth
  • Student Recreation Complex
  • Parent Program


  • Professional Standards

Learning Outcomes

Students will engage in the culture of academic scholarship characterized by increased creativity, participation in research, and competence in critical thinking, resulting in lifelong learning. (Persistence and Academic Achievement)

Students will learn how to develop and construct an individual academic plan that will help them persist to graduation. (Persistence and Academic Achievement)

Students will participate in the electoral process and demonstrate understanding of their responsi-bilities as citizens. (Civic Engagement)

Students will understand the professional standards in their field and demonstrate such by becom-ing employed successfully with high satisfaction of employer and self. (Practical Competence)

Students will demonstrate reflective, thoughtful choices to form a healthy lifestyle, positive relation-ships and a proactive life plan. (Practical Competence)