Goal Four

Globalizing the Curriculum

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1. Purpose of the goal and its relationship to the academic mission:

The American Council on Education in Educating Americans for a World in Flux (1995) calls upon U.S. universities to commit themselves to provide all studentsnot just a chosen fewwith a deep-rooted understanding of other languages, diverse cultures, and global issues. These competencies should be provided, "...not as something extra in the curriculum, but as an integral part of the educational experience."

At CSU Stanislaus, global literacy should entail both a grasp of the global issues relevant to each student's academic major and an understanding of the diversity of other cultures and values, a minimum competence in at least one other language, and substantial exposure to a broad liberal arts curriculum rich in global perspectives.

2. How the goal impacts and engages members of the campus community:

  • Faculty: Faculty will be engaged through professional development that keeps them abreast of the global issues in their disciplines and assists them in enhancing the treatment of global issues in each major.
  • Students: Students will be enabled to serve in an increasingly multilingual and multiethnic society. This preparation will include the study of at least one additional language and culture. Cultural immersion internships and study abroad will be an important component of CSU Stanislaus programs.
  • All university employees: All university employees, through professional training, will be enabled to recognize campus diversity as a resource rather than a problem.

3. Objectives or outcomes necessary to achieving this goal:

  • Draft a university international mission statement to ensure the most effective use of existing resources toward achieving the goal.
  • Ensure that the guidelines for the five-year departmental review process include evaluation of global components.
  • Give support and recognition to faculty who make substantive commitments to the globalization process.
  • Provide intercultural communication training to all campus employees
  • Implement a foreign language graduation requirement. (A menu of ways to satisfy this requirement without requiring additional faculty has been proposed.)
  • Make it possible for every CSU Stanislaus student to have a significant cultural immersion experiencelocally or through study abroad.

4. Objectives critical to the success of the goal, in light of current budget restraints:

  • The primary objective for globalizing the campus is effective mobilization of existing expertise. This can be accomplished through focus on an ?international mission? and facilitated by the Office of Global Affairs.

5. How the goal will be evaluated, and when it will be achieved:

  • &Mac183; Evaluation: The Global Affairs Advisory Committee will monitor progress on each objective and report annually to the Provost and the University Educational Policies Committee.
  • When the goal will be achieved: By now, a critical mass of support and expertise is in place on campus, and much has already been accomplished. If enhanced efforts begin immediately, most of the objectives in this plan can be achieved in the next academic year.