Stanislaus State GIS Lab

GIS Computer Lab​The Stanislaus State GIS lab supports teaching and research with geotechnologies including geographic information systems, remote sensing, and global positioning systems. This lab is a hands-on, exploration-based, multimedia-learning environment where students gain personal experience with ideas, concepts, and problem solving from a variety of disciplines. Computer techniques make some complex processes (like analytical modeling, non-linear and spatial correlation, layering, diffusion, and cartographic representation) easier to understand, and give students direct experience in applying concepts to problem-solving exercises. This approach to learning is consistent with broader educational shifts. The lab supports and encourages the use of computer technology in all aspects of geographic research including data collection, storage, management, analysis, and display. The lab is located in L-110G. Each semester, a GIS lab schedule is posted on the lab's door and can be found on-line at