Open Budgeting Statement

Shared Governance | Open Budgeting Statement That effective April 1, 2001, the CSU Stanislaus administration will expend moneys that come from special accounts or special sources (e.g., the Interest Account, the *Pepsi Fund, new income that might derive from future facilities such as the Faculty Development Center or a large athletic facility, or other non-state unrestricted funds) only after meaningful consultation with the faculty as represented by the Senate Executive Committee and/or the Faculty Budget Advisory Committee. *The Pepsi fund was actually a program pursued by Development and University Relations, with the approval and recommendation of the Foundation Board, to augment its budget. This item does not belong in this category of examples of University funds. It is analogous to the entrepreneurial pursuits of some academic departments that seek funds and other resources specifically to support their programs and purposes. Shared Governance/Open Budgeting (2/AS/01/FBAC, approved by the President on May 10, 2001)