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Effective June 2011 the Add/Drop Form has been replaced

Effective June 2011 the Add/Drop Form has been replaced by the Registration Options form (see below) and the Request to Retroactively Add form (see below).

Registration Options Form.pdf
Use this form to:

  • Register for courses that have a Time Conflict.
  • Add more than the allowable units (Excess Units) for that term.
  • Change your grading option after Census Date.
  • Register for a course as an Audit.

Request to Retroactively Add.pdf
This form is to be completed along with the Petition for Exception to University-Wide Requirements to request to add one or more courses after the census date.

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Fall Classes - New Policies and Procedures


Please be advised that effective immediately for Fall 2012, that there are two policy and procedure changes.

» As of the first day of classes through census date, in order to add any class, students will be required to obtain a class permission number from the instructor. Please note: Individual Study and Special Registrations will continue to use the existing hard copy forms.

» Official program limits have been revised. A normal unit load consists of 15 units. The following exceptions may be allowed by petition on a case-by-case basis:

  • If your program of study requires mathematics, science or foreign language or other required courses that are valued at meore than 3 units, you may enroll in these required courses up to a maximum of 17 units;
  • If you have submitted an Application for Graduation for Fall 2012, you may be permitted to exceed the 15-unit limit in order to take only the courses required to complete your degree program.

For additional information, please contact Enrollment Services in MSR 120, or at (209) 667-3264.