DECP Student Teacher Awardees

DECP Student Teacher Awardees(2012-2013)

Annelyse Delucchi

5th grade Student Teacher at Colony
Oak Elementary in Ripon, CA


  • Lesson: Circulation of the Heart

Standard:Students know how blood circulates 

through the hear chambers, lungs, and body, and

how carbon dioxideand oxygen are exchanged in the

lungs and tissues.

Learning goal #1: Studenets will describe howblood

      • circulates through the heart chambers and body.

     Learning goal #2:Students will identify the chambers

     of the heart and movement of blood through the body.


                        A link to Annelyse's lesson plan can be found by clicking here! 


                   Elizabeth Cripe

      7th grade Student Teacher at Modesto  

      Christian Middle School in Modesto, CA

     Lesson: Student debate on the use of mobile 

     technology in the classroom

     Standard:  Effectiveluy engage in a range of 

     collaborative discussions with diverse partners on

     grade 7 topics, texts, and issues, building on others'

     ideas and expressing their own clearly.

     Learning goal #1:  Students will debate on the pros

     and cons of cell-phone usage in the classroom

     Learning goals #2:  Students will analyze and interpret

     documents to increase their understandings of cell

     phone usage in the classroom.


                         A link to Elizabeth's lesson plan can be found by clicking here!