How to Not Get an IT Job: 10 Tips

You have IT skills and you have experience as a tech professional. You’re even willing to take a shower and dress nicely for an interview. But you’ve seen some big fish slip away. Other candidates scored the IT positions you were after. Or, you’re sitting in your current tech job seriously thinking about switching employers, and you want to shape up your approach. You want to boost your chances that the phone will ring with a lucrative offer. Ring, baby, ring.

In either case, the following guide to tech job-hunting faux pas can help. By avoiding these mistakes, you increase your chances of increasing your salary. And that’s a good thing. Read more.

Essential Tips for IT Interviews

The time and effort you put into crafting your cover letter and resume have finally paid off — you’ve been asked to interview with a company you’ve been pursuing for months. But you only have limited time to prepare for this brief but monumental meeting. The pressure’s on to prove to the hiring manager you are uniquely qualified for the position and would be an asset to the organization. The following tips can give you an edge on the competition.Read more.