The Mission

The mission statement of Body Positive Warriors is to create community and a shared positive approach to beauty, health, and identity; supporting success in life and academics. The Body Positive teaches people how to overcome conflicts with their body image and food. The Body Positive model includes five core competencies to practice daily to live peacefully and healthfully in our bodies.

Safe Place

Body Positive Warriors is a safe place for students to come together in a supportive environment and usually consists of 8 topics related to the 5 core competencies:

Session 1: Introduction to Body Positive Warriors group
Session 2: Body messages and stories
Session 3: Reclaim Health
Session 4: Cultivate Self-love
Session 5: Practice Intuitive Self-care
Session 6: Declare Your Own Authentic Beauty
Session 7: Pleasure, Shame and Intuitive Sexuality
Session 8: Beauty Stories

If you would like to be contacted for the upcoming series or would like more information, please email

Comments from Participants

"I feel informed."
"I feel reflective."
"I feel embraced."
"We not only created a safe space, which is good, we have created a brave space which is even better (a space where people can be vulnerable and share)."
"I learned so much"
"Thank you for allowing me a voice and room to grow."
"The club was even better than individual therapy."

Body Positive Warriors Core Action Team is comprised of various representatives from the campus community. The Core Action Team provides support and referrals to our Body Positive Warriors group.

If you are a staff or faculty member on campus and interested in joining the Core Action Team, please contact us at

Other Resources

Updated: January 30, 2023