Students entering Stanislaus State with basic skill deficiencies in English and/or mathematics are required to enroll in a remedial English and/or mathematics class each term until they remediate their deficiencies and are allowed one calendar year to complete remediation. If remediation is not completed within one year of admission, the student will be administratively disqualified from the university and dis-enrolled from courses.

If a student is administratively disqualified, he/she must complete remediation by:

  • Retaking and passing the ELM with a score of 50 or better,
  • Completing equivalent(s) at a community college:
Stanislaus State Modesto Junior College San Joaquin Delta College Merced College Columbia College
MATH 103 MATH 70 or 71 or 72 MATH 090 MATH A MATH 101
MATH 106 MATH 89 or 90 MATH 092S MATH C MATH 104
ENGL 1000, 1001 or 1006 ENGL 101 ENGL 1A ENGL 1A ENGL 1A
  • Approved on-line course MATH 097 through BYU. Approximate cost is $640.

The proper form for reinstatement after administrative disqualification can only be obtained from an Academic Advisor in ASC. A student must bring an official transcript to MSR 210 to be reinstated.

A student who has not been enrolled at the University for one year or who has matriculated at another institution since last attending Stanislaus State must also apply for readmission, following established dates and deadlines, in order to be reinstated.

If you have any questions about remediation issues, come during walk in hours and speak with an ASC Advisor.

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