Project Rebound

What is Project Rebound?

Project Rebound is a new program that offers special services and a supportive environment to formerly incarcerated individuals. Students must be a current Stanislaus State student or interested in transferring to Stanislaus State. 

The History Behind Project Rebound

Project Rebound was created in 1967, by the late Professor John Irwin. Dr. John Irwin, formerly incarcerated himself, earned his Doctorate and taught at San Francisco State. He created Project Rebound to assist students from the juvenile or adult justice system with the enrollment process. Since then, there have been seven additional Project Rebound Programs developed in universities throughout California with Stanislaus State representing the ninth.

Services Provided:

  • An introduction and tour of the university 
  • Enrollment support 
  • Peer support
  • Academic advising 
  • Mentoring
  • Education workshops  
  • Career and professional development opportunities
  • Advocacy for students with parole and probation difficulties 
  • Internships and volunteering opportunities  

Project Rebound has teamed up with organizations throughout Stanislaus and San Joaquin County to provide resources and support in the success of Project Rebound students achieving their educational goals. 

All Stan State students that were previously incarcerated are eligible and welcome to participate in Project Rebound. 

Danica Bravo

Project Rebound Coordinator
T: 209.667.3039
Mary Stuart Rogers Building (#27)
Office: MSR 210