Major Exploration

Making a Decision

How Do I Select a Major That's Right for Me?

  • Confused about what major to select?
  • Feeling stressed out because you haven't selected a major?
  • Believe almost everyone, except you, has declared their major?                 

Don't have a clue how to select a major that's a good one for you? You are in good company! Over 600 students at Stanislaus indicate their major is Undeclared. And we estimate at least as many students are what we call "misdeclared." Selecting a major that is a good one for you is a process of exploring and learning more about:

YOURSELF - Self-Assessment. 

What are your skills? What values are important to you? What is your personality type? What are your interests? What do you like and dislike? What are you good at doing?  What is your learning style? What are your long-term goals? What is your preferred lifestyle and preferred work environment? Some assessments are available on our Career Planning website.


By learning more about YOURSELF, you will be able to identify possible majors of interest. Then, from this list you will select possible majors of interest. Through exploration of academic requirements for these selected majors, you will gain a better understanding about the fields of study and better able to select one that interests you.


Once you have learned more about YOURSELF and selected POSSIBLE MAJORS to consider, it's time to find out how careers may be related to majors. Remember, in most cases your career is not determined by your major! Most individuals find their college education provides a good foundation for many possible and future career choices.

The main thing is GET STARTED! Take the necessary Steps to Choosing a Good Major and begin exploring possible majors you would enjoy and that align with possible careers of interest.