To Be Eligible to Participate in CSU-LSAMP, Students Must:

  1. Be a U. S. Citizen or Permanent Resident;
  2. Be enrolled at a participating campus in an undergraduate major in a Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM) discipline or have expressed an interest in pursuing a STEM baccalaureate degree;
  3. Be an individual who has faced or faces social, educational, or economic barrier to careers in STEM;
  4. Complete a CSU-LSAMP application.

When to Join CSU-LSAMP

LSAMP applications are accepted throughout the academic school year. Those who are admitted are immediately eligible to qualify for all stipends and other benefits of the CSU-LSAMP program.

Application procedure for CSU-LSAMP

  • Complete a CSU-LSAMP Application Form and send it to the address below.
  • Have a teacher or counselor who knows of your math/science abilities complete a CSU-LSAMP Recommendation Form and send it to the address below.
  • If you have completed less than a year of college, attach transcripts of all of your high school work.
  • Attach transcripts of all college level course work completed.