Each student will be expected to create what will be called a "Market Review" paper.

  1. Find an article focused on a new product or product line being planned or recently introduced by a going firm. Article should not be any older than 3 years old: good sources include Barron's, Business Week, Fortune, Forbes, etc (article should be of some detail: a feature article).
  2. Locate recent annual reports for organization, with particular focus on how this new project is communicated to the investment community.
  3. Document competitive response to the above company's actions. Find article(s) of other product introductions in ther same category.
  4. Write a 2-3 page paper incorporating the sources from (1), (2), and (3) and tying back to the principle discussed in class, and be prepared to lead a discussion of your analysis in class.

Each student will sign up for one of the Thursday class sessions between October 9 and December 4 for presentation. Earlier sign-up dates ensure choice of topic/product category.