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The term project for this class is the development of a marketing plan for a local business. Focus of the marketing plan should be at the product/product line (or service/service line) level, in other words focusing on the management of a part of the business, not the business as a whole. The marketing plan may focus on an existing product/product line or a new one. Examples: the brochures and posters line of a local printer, or a new breakfast service of a local restaurant.

1. Form a group.

The term project for Marketing 4480 is a group project, to be done in groups of three to four students. Those who have not become part of a group should contact the instructor by the beginning of class on September 16, at which time he/she will be assigned to an existing group.

2. Recruit a client.

Once formed, the group should contact a local business or other institution (profit or not-for-profit, product-oriented or service oriented) which requires assistance with an advertising and/or promotions problem. Although the instructor may provide suggestions, the group is responsible for client contact and recruitment.

3. Define the product or service on which to focus

Once recruitment is accomplished, the student group should meet with the client to review the client's situation, define the product or product line of interest, and agree upon a contract for the course of action. This meeting of the minds should take place prior to October 7.

4. Submit the contract.

On October 7, each group should submit to the instructor a one-page, single-spaced typewritten summary of the proposed project. This summary should be acknowledged by the client (for example, a signature at the bottom of the page). The instuctor will review this project proposal. The proposal is binding with respect to the client; failure to complete the project will result in a zero grade for the project or an incomplete grade for the course for members of the student group, dependent upon the degree of the infraction. For course requirement's sake, the instructor may expand the scope of the project.

5. Report your progress.

Your group shall submit one informal (may be handwritten) progress report to the instructor, on November 20. In this report, include what has been accomplished by each member since the initial report, and a brief description of the activities planned for the near future.

6. Turn in your paper.

On May 16, each group should turn in to the instuctor their completed paper.

This paper is to be typewritten, and approximately 10-15 double-spaced pages in length, exclusive of any exhibits, illustration, or bibliography (where necessary). It may be in essay or outline form. Typical content of the marketing plan is discussed in Chapter two of the LW text, illustrated in the samples left as P1 on reserve, and further delineated in additional amterials to be left on reserve as the semester proceeds.

7. Rate your co-workers.

On December 4, you will be given an instrument with which you will rate the participation of the other members of your group. This peer evaluation is worth 50 points of the project's allotted 300.

8. Present your findings.

On December 9, groups will present their findings to the rest of the class. Credit for presentation and attendance for others' presentations will be counted in the participation portion of the student's grade.

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