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General Questions


What is 25Live?

25Live is Stanislaus State's space scheduling and event request submission platform.

Here is a list of the many capabilities that 25Live offers:

  • Check locations for availability
  • Submit event requests for review of success and safety
  • Publicize your event on University Events Calendar and internal communications
  • View all events taking place on campus
  • View detailed location information, including photos and layout diagrams
  • Request locations to be unlocked
  • Request Parking Lots for use during an event
  • Request Alcohol Beverage Service for your event
  • *NEW* Request OIT Work Order equipment and services

How do I access 25Live?

  1. Enter 25live.collegenet.com/pro/csustan into your web browser (Google Chrome works best).
  2. Click the “Sign In” button in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. A new web page labeled “Logging in to CollegeNET, Inc.” will display.
  4. Sign in using your Warrior ID credentials.

Who can access 25Live?

  • Anyone, including the general public, is able to find information listed in 25Live using the link on the campus website. 
  • University faculty, staff, and students with a valid Warrior ID can log in to view location and event information.
  • Only users with certain permissions are able to reserve space on campus.  Please see “Who can make reservations in 25Live” below for more information.

Who can make event requests in 25Live?

  • Staff and Faculty have immediate permissions to make event requests based on their status in the active directory.
  • Students have the ability to view the information in 25Live, but they cannot create event requests unless they fall into one of the below categories:
    • Student Event Coordinators who are part of a Student Organization can gain access to create reservations in 25Live by completing a training with Student Leadership and Development.
    • Student Assistants in a department who need access to create event requests can input a security request using the instructions below.
    • *Students who need to create an event request as a requirement for an academic class will need to coordinate with a faculty or staff member in their department. This person will enter the reservation on their behalf and act as the Event Owner.

How do I grant Student Assistants access to make event requests?

Student Assistants who need to create event requests in 25Live on behalf of a department can gain access via the following process:

  1. The student must first log in to 25Live using their Warrior ID so that their user information will populate in the 25Live database.
  2. Next, the student’s supervisor must complete a “Security Request Form” through the myStanState portal.
  3. After receiving this request, the 25Live Administrator will update the student’s security settings.

Which internet browsers are recommended for using 25Live?

25Live works best when using Chrome; users may experience issues when using other browsers.

Why does some information show as “PRIVATE”?

  • Users who are not signed in to the 25Live system are able to see some, but not all, information. Please sign in to see all available information.
  • If you see a “Private” listing highlighted in blue and purple on the calendar, this means that an event is being created for that location, date, and time and is currently unavailable to select.
  • If you are still seeing "Private" after you log in, please contact 25Live@csustan.edu in order to review your settings.

How can I submit an event request for a co-sponsored event?

  • University entities who wish to co-sponsor an event with an off-campus organization will need to contact the University Events Department to review the documents needed for approval.
  • The University entity will be responsible to submit the 25Live event request and ensure all proper documents, forms, and services are secured for a successful and safe event.
  • All off-campus organizations are required to submit a Certificate of Insurance.
  • There may be a fee associated with reserving locations for a co-sponsored event; this will be determined by the University Events Department.
  • The University entity may submit a Facility Use Fee Waiver Request, which must be approved by the Vice President of Business & Finance (VPBF).  Please complete this form and turn in to University Events, who will review with the VPBF.
  • In instances where either party of the co-sponsored event stands to make a profit, the Facility Use Fee Waiver will not be permitted.

For more information on co-sponsored event requests, please review the Facility Use Policy.

How can I log out of 25Live?

25Live does not currently have a feature to log out of the system. One solution to this problem is to close the tab and clear your browser cache, which should sign you out of the system.



Location/Event Information


How can I see what events are scheduled on the Turlock Campus?

To view a full list of events scheduled:

  • Log in to the 25Live Pro system
  • From the "More" menu go to the Availability option
  • Select the appropriate location search from the drop down menu (Turlock Campus Locations shows all locations on campus)
  • Select the date that you are interested in viewing

To find a specific event request:

  • From the dashboard in the "Quick Search" widget, enter the Reference ID or the title of your event request in the "Search Events" box
  • This will take you to the search page, where you can see event requests in a list or calendar view, and can choose to see future or past event requests
  • Once you see the event request you are interested in, click on the event title to take you to the event details page

How can I see if a location is available before making my event request?

There are many ways to search for available locations:

  1. “More” menu > Availability option shows a full list of what is scheduled on the Turlock campus for a specific date.  Select the date you would like to view and ensure “Turlock Campus Locations” is chosen from the drop down menu.
  2. "Quick Search" for a location by entering the name on the “Search Locations” box on the dashboard.
  3. “Go to Search” botton in the top right corner > select “Locations” on the drop down menu> enter the location name, or select a dropdown search.  You can also click on “more options” to add additional parameters to your search, such as room types, features, etc.

Once you find a location you are interested in, click on the location to open a new window with just that locations information.  Then go to the “Availability (Daily)” tab to view a one month availability view for that specific room.  You can also view more details, including photos and approved layout options, on the details tab.

How can I find detailed location information?

When you find a location that you would like more information about, please click on the name of the location (which should be highlighted in blue) and a new screen will pop up specific to that location. 

There will be more tabs to view different information about the location:

  • Details: This view shows layout information, location comments, photos, available layouts, location features, etc.  To view the specific layouts, click on the diagram icon or the photograph icon.  You can then click on the diagram or photo and it will bring the image up in its own window.  You can print the layout diagram to submit with your Facilities Services Work Order.
  • List: This view shows a list of events happening at the location within a certain date range that you choose.
  • Availability (Daily): This view shows events in an "availability calendar" day by day.  You can choose the date range, which can be very large. You can also choose which days of the week to view.
  • Availability (Weekly): This view shows availability week by week, side by side. Choose the dates of the first week you'd like to view, then pick the subsequent number of weeks you want to view after. You can choose which days of the week you would like to see.
  • Calendar: This view shows events happening in a calendar view.



Event Request Creation


*These instructions are specific to 25Live Pro.  For instructions on how to use 25Live Scheduling, please review the materials provided on the "Forms & Resources" page.*

There are two ways to go to creating an event.  Both of these options will take you to the Event Form

  • On the dashboard/Home page you can click on the “Create an Event” icon
  • Click on the “Event Form” button in the right top of the screen


  • Be as specific as possible
  • If you have to abbreviate any items, please be sure to spell out the full title in the description


  • Select one of the “Event Type” options
  • Review the 25Live Event Types on our webpage if you have questions


  • This is the CAMPUS organization that is primarily responsible for this event


  • Other CAMPUS organizations involved in planning your event


  • It is important for the head count to be accurate, since the system recommends rooms based on the head count


  • This field is intended to capture details about your event.
  • The information will be visible to the public on our campus calendar, so please use it as a marketing section to inform guests regarding your event.


  • Choose the first date of your INITIAL event.
  • Chose the start and end time of your ACTUAL event.
  • Do NOT include setup and takedown time here, rather in the next section for “Additional Time”
  • It is important to keep the check box “The event begins and ends on the same day”


  • Input additional time for setup if:
    • You are wanting to change the layout
    • You are having food delivered to your event
    • You need time to set out materials
    • You would like to access the room before your event
  • Input additional time for take down if:
    • You changed the layout and the room will need to be reset back to the default
    • You have food/beverage present and therefore will need custodial services to clean after
    • You would like to access the room after your event


  • You do not have to select a repeating pattern, rather just select dates on the displayed calendar for any repeating days for this event
  • All occurrence dates chosen will display as a blue box on the calendar
  • To remove individual occurrences, select the red “Remove” button
  • You can view an entire list of occurrences by clicking on “View All Occurrences” below the calendar
    • To adjust the times for individual occurrences, select the time displayed and update it to a new time
      • Durations can be different for each date
      • Setup and take down times remain the same for each date
    • To add another occurrence on the same date at a different time:
      • Click on the blue box for the date selected
      • Select "Add Occurence" at the bottom of the pop up box
      • Change the times of the new occurrence
      • Click "Close" when finished


  • You can choose an existing location search from the drop down “Saved Searches (optional)” list or just enter a keyword for the location you’d like
    • You can either use the building acronym or the full name
    • Please note that most locations have letters, a space, and then the room numbers

Once you search for a location, a few things can occur:

  • “RESERVE”: 
    • If a space is available on all of the dates you entered, a blue “reserve” button will appear. 
    • If there is a conflict on any of the dates, a brown “reserve available” button will appear
    • You can click on the “Conflict Details” wording to view the conflicts
    • If you would like to use the room on the dates without conflicts, click on the “reserve available” button and it will select all the available dates
    • You are able to start the search over again to add an alternate location for the conflicting dates and then unselect the previously selected dates with the other location by going to “view occurrences”
    • The location selected is unavailable for all the dates you have selected
    • You either do not have permission to reserve this location or it does not exist in the 25Live system

Selected locations will display below the search box

  • You can “remove” locations here by clicking on the “remove” button
  • If you have multiple occurrences, click on “View Occurrences” to unselect a location for certain dates and UPDATE THE LAYOUT needed.
  • If you only have a single occurrence, the "view occurrences" button will not display and you can update the layout selected right from this screen.
  • If you have a large event with multiple rooms, you may receive an error that the headcount exceed the capacity of the room.  This is just a warning, so you are able to continue with the reservation.


  • “Off Campus Location”: Select this option if you have a University Sponsored event or an event using University Funds that is occurring off campus
  •  “Online/Webinar”: Select this option if you have an event that is taking place online or in a webinar, not utilizing any space on campus, but would still like it publicized by Internal Communications
  • “Other Campus Location”: Select this option if you have an event that will be taking place in a campus location that is not currently listed in 25Live and make note of the location you are reserving in the requestor comments section


  • Event Resources are to request or assign staff, equipment, and services to event requests
  • Students may request Quad and Student Center resources such as tables, chairs, awnings, etc.
  • Please note that equipment resources are typically specific to one location and will state in the resource name, such as the QUAD resources.  So although the system allows users to request these resources for a different location, they will be denied.
  • We are in the process of adding resource options for Faculty/Staff, especially for services needed at the Stockton Campus.  Stay tuned!


  • Include information such as a event flyers, agendas, itineraries, etc.
  • Do not use this area to upload photos you would like included in publications.
  • There is a question in the next section to upload an image without text called “Image for web display”


  • Different questions populate depending on the event type you have selected
  • Answer all of the questions regarding this event, such as:
    • Contact Information: List who should be contacted with questions regarding this request.
    • Attendees: Select which group(s) of people are invited to your event
    • Invite: Select how the attendees are being invited
    • “Image for web display” please include a thumbnail WITHOUT text for internal communications
  • Remember, exclusion of event information will result in a delay of confirmation.


  • Please select only the options that apply to your event (do not click on each one and input “N/A”)
  • Choose the “No Support is Needed” option if you truly to not require any additional support or services


  • Non-Compensated Volunteers Involved
    • Select if you have volunteers who perform work or provide services to the university without financial gain.
    • Human Resources will be notified that you plan to have non-compensated volunteers at your event and will approve once you complete the needed paperwork.
    • NOTE: you will need to complete the paperless Volunteer Form.
  • OIT Tech/Media/Network Services Work Order Request
    • List all the requested A/V equipment, media services, network services, and tech support
    • OIT will be notified automatically with this request and will sign off once they input your request into iSupport.
    • The contact listed on the reservation will receive an "iSupport Notification" email from "techsupport@csustan.edu" confirming your request.
    • You do not need to submit a separate work order for OIT services.
  • Event Setup Needed
    • List information here about the room setup if you are planning on changing anything from the default configuration and any assistance that you will need.
    • List which approved layout you would like to use.
    • NOTE: you will still need to submit a work order to Facilities Services.
  • Custodial Services Needed
    • List information here about the cleaning you will need done either before, during, or after your event.  This would include vacuuming, garbage removal, and cleaning and re-stocking any nearby restrooms.
    • If you have any food/beverages present at your event, custodial is required.
    • NOTE: you will still need to submit a work order to Facilities Services.
  • Food/Beverage cooked by Chartwells
    • Outline the types of food and beverage that you wish to serve at your event and whether you are planning on bringing the food yourself or having it cooked by Chartwells.
    • Include information such as whether it is breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and beverages only, and if it is plated, boxed, express pickup, buffet, etc.
    • All food being served that is not cooked by Chartwells requires a TFP approval
    • Chartwells is our on campus food service provider and you will need to reach out to them separately if you plan on having your event catered.
    • NOTE: you will still need to submit a catertrax order
  • Food/Beverage cooked by/purchased from other entity
    • If you are ordering food from Chartwells that still needs to be prepared, or if you are getting food from a source other than Chartwells, please select this option.
    • Safety and Risk Management will be notified with this request and will approve once a TFP is submitted and approved, if needed.
    • NOTE: A TFP is typically required for any food that is not being cooked via Chartwells
  • Alcoholic Beverage Service Request
    • List all alcoholic beverages that you wish to serve and for how long
    • UPD and Safety and Risk Management will be notified automatically and will approve once they have reviewed the alcohol policy and forms with the requestor
    • Approval from the President's Cabinet may also be required
    • NOTE: Additional paperwork is needed and there may be a charge associated with having an officer present at your event when alcohol is being served.
  • Dignitary/Elected Official Present
    • List any high-profile attendees that are invited to your event
    • University Advancement will be notified automatically and will approve once the details are submitted
    • NOTE: if additional security is required to ensure the safety of attendees, there may be an additional charge.
  • Off-Campus Youth Present
    • List any off-campus minors that will be invited to this event
    • Include whether or not they will be chaperoned by their parents or teacher
    • Safety and Risk Management will be notified automatically and will approve once they ensure the safety of the youth attending
    • NOTE: additional paperwork may be needed, such as a Release of Liability by a parent or guardian.
  • Parking Lot Moratorium Request
    • If you are requesting the use of a parking lot for your event and plan to either pay for the lot usage or request a parking fee waiver, please choose this box.
    • Be sure to indicate which Lot you would like to request for your event.
    • Your request will be forwarded to UPD where they will process and approve/deny.
    • Please be sure you have filled in your chart string information for UPD to charge.
    • If approved, a Parking Lot will be added as a location on your reservation.
  • Fundraising Activities - Soliciting Sponsorships/Donations/Gifts
    • Describe if you are soliciting off campus entities to be a sponsor of your event, to donate to your event, or to provide gifts for your event
    • University Events will be notified with this request and will approve once reviewed
    • NOTE: additional paperwork and processes may be needed for this approval
  • None of the Above - No support is needed for this event.
    • Select this option if none of the above apply to your event. 
    • This means you are not in need of any additional services and that you are using the room in the "as is" state.


  • Select the calendar and newsletter options you would like to promote this event within.
    • Publication Request for StanEvents & Announcements E-Newsletter- goes to all staff/faculty
    • Publication Request for University Events Calendar - publicized on the csustan.edu website
    • Publication Request for Warrior Weekly Student E-Newsletter - goes to all students
  • Ensure that the options you are choosing for publication reflect the attendees for your event
  • When do you want to start promoting this event?
    • Input a date if you are wanting to publicize the event at a future time.
    • Communications will not publicize your event until your request is confirmed.
    • Communications will need at least two weeks after your event confirmation to build your publication request and start publicizing.
  • If you do not want your event to be publicized on any of the internal communications, please choose “I do not want this event publicized in any of the above”


  • Please include additional comments regarding your event that should be relayed to the departments reviewing this request.


  • I acknowledge this event is filled out properly and is complete. I understand the event state will be Tentative until the appropriate scheduler confirms the event in which an email will be sent to the requester.
    • Your event is not approved until all involved University departments have reviewed your information
    • Additional information may be needed before your event request is confirmed
    • Please do not advertise your event request until it is confirmed



Event Request Editing/After Submission


How can I find the events that I have requested?

There are several ways to find events that you have requested:

  • From the Home page dashboard, enter a keyword or reference number in the “Search Events” box
  • From the Home page dashboard, click on “xx events in which you are the requestor” under the Your Upcoming Events box
  • “Go to Search” button in the upper right-hand corner, select “Events” in the select object dropdown and click on “Saved Searches (optional)” and scroll down to find “Events You have Requested”
  • Find your email confirmation with a link directly to your event request

What is my event request Reference ID?

  • The event request Reference ID includes a four-digit number (the year the event was created) followed by a dash and a six-letter combination.
  • The Reference ID can be used to search for specific event requests more efficiently; simply enter the Reference ID into the Quick Search box on your 25Live Dashboard.
  • Please always refer to your Reference ID when requesting that a change be made to your event request, as this is the best way to ensure that the proper event request is accessed.

How do I edit my event request information?

  • EDIT DETAILS: If you need to edit your event request details, find your event request again and go to the event details page> click on “Edit this Event” near the top right, which will take you back to the Event Form to make your changes.
  • EDIT DATE/TIME: If you need to edit the date or time, email the scheduler listed on your request (see instructions below "How Do I Email from the 25Live System?").
  • EDIT AFTER CONFIRMATION: Once the Event State has been changed to “Confirmed,” you will not be able to edit the event request. If you need to make changes to your event request after it has been confirmed, please contact the scheduler listed on your request to make any necessary changes (see instructions below "How Do I Email from the 25Live System?").

Why can’t I edit my event after it’s been confirmed?

  • Event requests that have been confirmed have been reviewed by the location approver and Scheduler for accuracy and completion.
  • If you need to change any information listed in the event request after it has been confirmed, please reach out to the Scheduler listed on your reservation.  Your Scheduler can revert the Event Status back to “Tentative” so you can make the necessary changes, or they can input the changes for you. Remember to include your event’s Reference ID when contacting the Scheduler.

What does it mean when my event is “LOCKED”?

  • If you are trying to edit your event and you receive an error stating that it is "Locked," it means that the event is already being edited in the Event Form by another user.
  • The only people who have the ability to edit an event are the Event Owner and the campus Schedulers. If you are unable to get ahold of your scheduler, please contact 25live@csustan.edu for assistance.

How do I email from the 25Live system?

  1. From the event details page, click on “More Options” > “Email Event Details”
  2. Click on the "To" box next to the scheduler name (this is auto-populated)
  3. Type your message in the message box
  4. Select “include event details” under the message box
  5. Click "send"

How do I cancel an event request?

A cancelation is only needed if your event is NOT happening on a specific date. If the date, time, location, or other details need to be changed, please edit your current request instead of canceling it and creating an entirely new request.

  • To cancel the entire request or one date within your request
    1. From your event details page, click on "More Actions" and go to "Email Event Details"
    2. Find the scheduler listed and click on the "to" button.
    3. Type your message in the text box requesting for this event to be cancelled
    4. If there are multiple occurrences, please indicate which occurrence you would like cancelled
    5. Select "Include Event Details in Body of Message"
    6. Click Send
    7. The scheduler will respond once completed

NOTE:  It is your responsibility to contact any campus service providers separately.  If you are unable to get ahold of your Scheduler, please contact 25live@csustan.edu for assistance.

How can I print a “Confirmation” report?

  1. Go into your event details and click “More Actions.”
  2. Hover over “Print a Report for this Event" in the dropdown menu.
  3. Choose “Event Confirmation (Related)” if you have related several events together or just "Event Confirmation (Detailed)"
  4. A new tab should pop up stating, “25Live is preparing your report for download." Please note: pop-up blockers must be disabled in order to print reports in 25Live.
  5. Once your report has downloaded, it will show up at the bottom of your screen.