Parking and Traffic Ordinances (PTO's) are enforced at all times. Vehicles with five or more unpaid parking tickets are subject to impound.

  • PTO # 1: A valid permit must be displayed except in Metered or Loading Zones
  • PTO # 2: The use of a fictitious or forged permit to avoid a fee is prohibited
  • PTO # 3: Permit must be displayed in the manner and in the location prescribed
  • PTO # 5: Vehicles with a valid permit must park in appropriate parking lot
  • PTO # 6: Vehicles in metered spaces must have unexpired time on meter
  • PTO # 7: Parking in restricted lots or designated spaces is prohibited
  • PTO # 8: Parking in a designated space is considered between the white lines
  • PTO #10: Use of Reserved spaces requires the display of a Reserved permit
  • PTO #12: Parking overnight without permission of University Police is prohibited
  • PTO #13: Abandonment of vehicle (after 72 or more hours) will result in towing
  • PTO #15: Failure to obey University signs or signals is prohibited
  • PTO #16: Defacing University signs is prohibited
  • PTO #17: Vehicle repairs on campus is permitted with University Police approval
  • PTO #18: The use of a lost or stolen permit is prohibited