Alumni News

For over 25 years CSU Stanislaus Theatre Dept. alum (Minor) Kim Johnston Ulrich has been acting professionally in Television and Film. Her early career started out with highlights on such popular TV shows such as As the World Turns, Remington Steele & œThe A-Team€. Her career spans almost 3 decades; more recently she has had roles in such major television shows as €œThird Rock from the Sun€ and the original €œCSI€. Since 1999 she has held the role of Ivy Winthrop on the NBC drama Passions€.

Kim'€™s husband Robert J. Ulrich, who was also a major in the CSU Stanislaus Department of Theatre is one third of the Casting group Ulrich/Dawson/Kritzer, based in Los Angeles.

Many of our graduates have been accepted to prestigious Master Degree programs and/or internships around the country. Some of those recent graduates include:

  • Ashley O'Brien ('€˜08): Stage Management intern program at La Jolla Playhouse, in San Diego.
  • Carl Lindberg ('06): MFA in Directing at Western Illinois University.
  • Amber Wallen '€(™06): MFA in Theatre management at Wayne State University
  • Susan Brummett ('€™07): MFA in Acting program at Western Illinois University
  • Matt Valladares ('€™08): MFA in Acting Program at the California Institute of the Arts
  • Tim Sutton ('07) MFA in Light Design at Wayne State University.