Required Identification for the EPT & ELM

Download ID Letter Template.doc

Acceptable ID for the EPT/ELM administered at CSU Stanislaus

All candidates who have registered to take a test at CSU Stanislaus are required to present a valid form of government-issued identification bearing the same first and last name (we do not use middle names or initials) in which the candidate has registered for the test. Below are examples of acceptable government-issued identification - which MUST contain a photo that looks like you do now:

  • A photo-bearing driver's license or DMV-issued identification card
  • A valid passport featuring a recent photo that looks like you
  • A valid green card featuring a recent photo that looks like you
  • A photo-bearing military identification card

NOTE: DMV paper receipts alone are NOT considered a valid form of ID for testing purposes - you must have the actual "card" from the DMV.

If, however, you do NOT possess one of the forms of government identification listed above, you may still be able to test provided you do the following:

Bring with you a signed DMV receipt (for your Driver's Permit or CA ID card), AND your CURRENT school ID card and arrive 15 minutes early for the test.

If you do NOT have the receipt and school ID card (both of them!), then you MUST have an identification letter on official letterhead from your school official (see below), arrive 15 minutes early for the test and bring with you:

A proper identification letter ALONG WITH ONE of the following:

  • Your school ID card (with your name & a photo that looks like you do now)
  • Your social security card (signed by you)
  • Your signed DMV receipt for your driver's license or DMV ID card

Obtain a PROPER IDENTIFICATION LETTER ON SCHOOL LETTERHEAD(We have provided a sample layout on the link above "Download ID Letter Template.doc" Please take it to your school official NOW and ask them to complete a letter for you so that you have it in time for your test date.)


  • Transcripts do NOT count as an "identification letter" substitute.
  • Letters must be on letterhead, with the photo attached as instructed (no staples!) - multiple sheets of paper - or letters on plain paper will NOT be accepted and you will NOT be admitted to the test.