Chartering of Student Organizations

In order to be recognized as a Student Organization on campus, the prospective organization must complete a Charter Application. It is required that the organization obtain the services of at least one faculty member or administrative staff person who will be willing to work with them as an advisor.

**Chartering for the 2014-2015 academic year will begin on August 18th.

All training and chartering information can be accessed via Blackboard. Please follow the directions below to access the site:

Step 1: Log into the Blackboard website using your csustan log in information

Step 2: Select the Courses tab at the top right of the Blackboard page

Step 3: Search for Course name: Student Organization Forum

Step 4: Select + Enroll (on left)

Step 5: Click Submit

From here you will be able to access the President, Treasurer and R25 trainings under "Officer Information." Once the President training is complete you will be able to access the charter application.

  • A charter packet is secured from the Student Organization Forum through Blackboard. Once the President of the club completes the Orientation, a link to the Charter Application will be available to fill out and return to the Office of Student Leadership & Development within 30 days of completing the Orientation. It is required that the prospective organization obtain the services of at least one faculty member or administrative staff person who will be willing to work with them as an advisor.
  • All charter packets must be filled out completely and signed by all of the appropriate parties before returning them to the Office of Student Leadership & Development.
  • A constitution is required. A suggested format is available from Forms and Documents.
  • The purposes of the organization must be consistent with the laws of the state of California and policies developed by the Office of Student Activities.
  • The organization must maintain at all times a membership of at least five regularly enrolled students in good standing at the University.
  • Recognition may be granted to local chapters of National or regional organizations.
  • The organization is considered officially chartered and receives notice from Student Leadership & Development when the charter is approved. Upon chartering it is the responsibility of all club members to maintain good standing as defined in the Student Club & Organization Handbook. Failure to comply with the following rules and regulations may result in disciplinary sanctions, including suspension or loss of charter.
  • Each organization's performance is evaluated annually, and a decision is made whether or not to continue this "partnership." Therefore, it's important that you remind club members of the agreements the club has made at the start of each year.

Privileges of Chartered Organizations

  • Recruit members on campus
  • Hold meetings and social functions on campus
  • Use University facilities and services
  • Publicize activities in the Signal Newspaper
  • Post material in appropriate locations around campus
  • Disseminate information and literature on campus
  • Receive an organizational mailbox, located in the Student Activities Center
  • Receive on-campus accounting services
  • Use certain properties and facilities of the Associated Students (these services include record-keeping and publicity advice, the bulk-mailing permit, non-profit status.)
  • Reserve equipment from the Student Activities Center
  • Use poster making material and equipment in the Student Activities Center
  • Solicit funds or sell items on campus to raise funds for organizational or charitable purposes
  • Consultation services from the Advisors of the Office of Student Leadership and Development: Program planning, publicity, fund raising, leadership training, campus regulations, financial advisement, facility scheduling, and general advisement