Study Abroad Insurance

Resources: Office of International Education

Study Abroad insurance provides accident and sickness benefits and valuable travel assistance services while individuals are traveling outside of the United States to participate in educational programs and activities. Students, faculty, and administrators and their invited guests, chaperones and eligible dependents may enroll. Coverage is for long term travel for a minimum of one month, not to exceed 365 days. For benefit information and to enroll on-line, visit Wellsfargo Student Insurance.

Additional Insurance Options

(short term non-credit student travel)

Students with medical coverage through his/her personal health insurance that extends coverage to the foreign location must provide evidence of this coverage. Most basic health insurance plans do not provide emergency evacuation and repatriation coverage (repatriation covers the cost of transporting the deceased insured's body back to the United States). For non-credit student foreign travel, emergency evacuation and repatriation coverage can be purchased by the student to supplement personal health coverage.