General Liability Coverage

All CSU campuses have joined together and formed a self-insurance pool known as the California State University Risk Management Authority (CSURMA). CSURMA is a separate legal entity from the CSU.

A self-insurance pool works on the basis that each campus pays contributions (premiums) into the pool. These monies are invested and also used to buy excess insurance. Claims administration is jointly handled by each campus, the CSU Office of Risk Management, and a third party administrator, Alliant Insurance.

Our campus has elected to have a general liability deductible of $35,000. This means the campus covers the deductible amount for claims and costs from its own funds, and CSURMA covers the balance. The Special Event Insurance program exists to fill the deductible gap by covering specialized risks associated with events on campus.

California State University protects its employees from claims and lawsuits for acts arising out of and in the course and scope of their employment. If an employee commits acts that are outside the course and scope of their employment (e.g.; sexual harassment) and/or criminal acts, then those acts are not protected. Lawsuits resulting in punitive damages, in accordance with state law, may not be paid by the University either (see generally, California Government Code Sections 825-825.6).

CSU Trustee policy prohibits the University from assuming liabilities based on student actions or defending students for claims arising from their actions. Students are only covered under the University's general liability coverage when they are acting under the University's supervision, direction and control AND performing services for or on behalf of the University. In these situations, students should be designated as University volunteers.

The University's general liability insurance through CSURMA does not cover student organizations (Associated Students, University Union) or auxiliaries (Foundation, Auxiliary Business Services). Those entities are covered by a separate CSURMA program called AORMA (Auxiliary Organization Risk Management Association).

Contact the Risk Manager for a description of general liability limits, coverages and exclusions.