Requisition Process

Creating Requisition: Requestor completes the Requisition in PeopleSoft Finance Requisition module including the following information if known to the Requestor:

  • Preferred vendor (supplier)
  • Goods or service to be ordered, including the Merchant Category Code
  • Quantity to be ordered
  • Desired delivery date
  • Location for delivery
  • Accounting chart string to be charged

The requestor scans and attaches PDF copies to the requisition in PeopleSoft Finance any documentation pertinent to the purchase request (e.g., quotes, sole source/sole supplier justification, Independent Contractor checklist).

Requisition Authorization: The requestor will ensure that the requisition is authorized prior to notifying the Procurement department of the pending requisition.  The requestor will obtain authorization for the purchase by notifying the appropriate reviewer within the division using the “notify” tool in the PeopleSoft Finance Requisition.  The authorizations must be as follows:

  • Purchases under $500 must be reviewed and authorized by an Assistant Vice President, Associate Vice President, or College Dean.
  • Purchases of $500 or more must be reviewed and authorized by the division Vice President.

Preparing the Requisition for Approval: the person authorizing the requisition for submittal to the Procurement department will notify the assigned reviewer in Procurement using the “notify” tool in the PeopleSoft Finance Requisition.  The Procurement reviewer will review the requisition for determination of appropriate purchase/payment process, completeness, and appropriate authorizations.  If the Procurement reviewer determines that the requisition is not ready for processing, he/she will notify the requestor indicating what is needed.  If the requisition is ready for processing the Procurement reviewer will determine if the requisition needs to be approved by the Vice President of Business & Finance (CFO).

  • If yes, using the “notify” tool in the PeopleSoft Finance Requisition the CFO will be notified that the requisition is ready to be approved for processing as a purchase order.
  • If no, the Procurement reviewer will approve the requisition for processing as a purchase order.