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Save Money

with the Retail Connect Card!


The Procurement Department is pleased to


the Office Max Retail Connect Card for

Faculty, Staff and Students.

All Faculty, Staff & Students

All can now take advantage of the CSU special pricing on contracted office supplies by using the retail connect card at any Office Max retail store. The cards can be used for personal purchases or for state purchases. Personal purchases can only be made at Office Max Retail Stores. It's important to note that the Retail Connect Card is a discount card, not a credit card. The card is used to identify CSU contracted items and the discounted price under contract.

How to use the Retail Connect Card

Just hand your card or sticker to the checkout casher

at the counter

  • The cashier will scan it to pull up your special pricing
  • All items included in your agreement are automatically priced at your special pricing and instantly displayed on the register and receipt.
  • Don't know what items are covered? Take your selections to the cashier, and a swipe of your card with the scanner will identify the discounted items.