Child Development

Course provides and Child Development is a diversified, multidisciplinary field. The main focus is on the changes in the physical-motor, cognitive, language and social-emotional development of the child from birth to adolescence. Child development encompasses both the study of the scientific principles of development and the application of these principles to child education and welfare.

What can you do with a degree in Child Development? Career paths and fields of work include infant/toddler and preschool teachers and administrators, curriculum specialists, and foster care and adoption caseworkers.

What you can learn

  • Child development theories, developmental knowledge, contemporary issues, and the relationship between theory and research
  • Information competency, locating and critically evaluating research, understanding research process including ethical issues related to doing research with children, understanding developmental research methods, and applying developmental research findings
  • Legal, ethical and pragmatics issues related to work with children and families
  • Child guidance skills and understanding of developmentally appropriate practices

Degrees and Programs

  • Bachelor of Arts in Child Development
  • Bachelor of Arts in Child Development –Fast Track for students with AA or AS in Child Development
  • Minor in Child Development
  • Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with a Concentration in Child Development
  • Child Development Graduate Certificate
  • Concentrations: Those majoring in Liberal Studies can complete their concentration in Child Development.

Interesting classes you might take

  • Early Social and Emotional Development
  • Early Cognitive Development
  • Child Guidance and Management
  • Infant Development and Group Care
  • Developmental Assessment
  • Early Intervention with High Risk Children
  • Developmental Programs for Preschool Children
  • Development of Social Cognition​