Code Red Entertainment


Statement of Purpose

Code Red Entertainment is a student-operated non-profit collaboration between the Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) and the University Student Union (USU) at California State University, Stanislaus. It is responsible for and dedicated to serving the programming needs of ASI/USU, in order to promote ASI/USU, help it better serve the student population, and provide a wide array of programs, events, and entertainment for the campus community.

Programs reflect the diversity of the campus, accomplish the standard of expected quality and meet a wide variety of learning objectives established by ASI Special Events, ASI Campus Pride, ASI Wellness, ASI Sustainability, USU Social Awareness, USU Multicultural, USU Daily Events, USU Facilities and WAC Programming.
In order to achieve these objectives programming standards include:

  • Freedom to try new ideas and ability to test new directions in campus programming.
  • A wide range of diverse programming on a regular basis throughout the academic year.
  • Various programs for the student community with a focus on highlighting services and amenities offered by the Associated Students Inc. and the University Student Union.
  • Continuous improvement in standards of programming excellence especially in the areas of creativity, levels of audience interest and production excellence.
  • The development and implementation of policies and procedures, which enable such programs to happen on a regular basis throughout the entire academic year.
  • Regular assessment of programs and reports of findings to the ASI Board of Directors and USU Board of Directors.


Applications turned into the Warrior Activities Center, for questions, please call 667-3815.

For more information or questions on upcoming events please call:

Warrior Activities Center