Technology-Enhanced Active Learning Classrooms

The Office of Information Technology has upgraded ESB 23 with specialized technology and furniture to transform the room into a technology-enhanced active learning classroom (TEALC).  ESB 23 is the first of several planned conversions that are anticipated to take place in the coming years.

TEALCs at Stan State

As part of these developments, OIT welcomes faculty use of ESB 23.  Contact Glenn Pillsbury ( to schedule your class in ESB 23.

Current Cohort & Upcoming Availability

Fall 2018

Spring 2019

Previous Cohorts

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Spring 2018

Fall 2017


Active Learning Classroom Overview

An active learning classroom is a tool that uses space to empower students to embrace a more active, immersive style of learning. As such, the traditional lecture environment is greatly de-emphasized in these courses (though not necessarily eliminated), and class time is instead structured around class-wide participatory activities.  The presence of sophisticated content sharing technology allows small groups of students to share content among themselves and with the class as a whole.  Room furniture is specialized and easily reconfigured to support a variety of purposes.  Through an intentional use of the digital and analog tools in the room to support the lessons, active learning classrooms facilitate a cooperative effort that’s harder to achieve in a regular classroom.

Video Resources

Introductory video from University of Minnesota

Introductory video from McGill University

Introductory video from U.C. Berkeley


ESB 23 Upgrade Overview



ESB 23 features the Kramer Collaborative Classroom system. There is a large ten-foot (10’) instructor screen at the front of the classroom that can display a variety of inputs via the Kramer platform (laptops, cell phones, document readers, etc.). In addition, there are five 80” monitors along the sides of the room that students group around and connect to as part of their in-class work.

Watch an overview of the Kramer system


Moveable furniture, wall outlets, an instructor screen, and five monitors make room usage very flexible. Students occupy 30 moveable chairs and 30 moveable desks. The chairs are on wheels, and students are able to easily re-arrange them from a lecture configuration to small groups clustered around one of the five monitors.  Below is a panoramic image of the room and its furniture:

Panorama of E S B 23
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