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Contract Number: 98709

Contract Vendor: OfficeMax Enterprise Solutions

Expiration Date: August 1, 2005 through July 31, 2008 (with two two-year renewal options).

This is a Master Agreement between the CSU, Educational & Institutional Cooperative Procurement (E&I) and OfficeMax to provide office products, paper, toner, office furniture and related items for the period of August 1, 2005 through July 31, 2008 (with two two-year renewal options). Resources

Catalog Discount Percentages

These discount percentages remain firm for the initial three year term of this agreement:

Business machines 38% Furniture 40% Technology 45% Ink/laser toner 45% Office furnishings & accessories 38% Paper 38% General office supplies 72%

Contract Terms & Information

Web Ordering Information

You can order office supplies from your desk by using the Web based ordering system from our contracted office supply vendor OfficeMax, Any software that gives you Internet access can be used. Web Setup Application.xls

Before placing an order, remember:

  • You must complete a set-up application and forward to Financial Services
  • You will need a unique password to log on
  • The price you see on-line is the price we pay

Account Number: 0398400 Purchase Order Number: Varies as assigned by OfficeMax Payment Method: Accounts Payable pays a Monthly Summary Bill and your department account (org) is recharged

When Ordering

  • PCard is an option
  • Always check price before completing your order
  • Special Orders and items over $499.99 are ordered on a requisition
  • No Backorders
  • If you can't access the Web - University Server is down


  • Any limits specified on your set-up application
  • Equipment $500 and over may not be purchased (tax included)
  • Furniture may not be purchased
  • No backorders