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Presidential Polarization: The Rise and Fall of George W. Bush€™s Rhetorical Construct
Ann Marie Ursini (2nd Place: CSU Stanislaus Undergraduate Research Competition)


Questioning Social Constructs

In Lieu of Casus Belli: an Analysis of Pre-War Bellicose Rationale
William Eshagh

Exploring the Sexual Body through the Writings of Pope John Paul II and Michel Foucault
Joey Starkweather

Responding to Performative Obstacles

A Mathematical Mindset: Overcoming Obstacles in Mathematics Education
Maree Afaga

Demystifying Dyslexia: Using Non-Directive Tutoring Practices to Address Neuropsychological Deficiencies in Reading
Danielle Guzman

Promoting Diversity in the University Spanish Classroom: A Case for Blending Heritage Language Learners and Second Language Learners
Brenda Wherry

Equal Opportunity Education? Assessing Information Resources for Hispanic Students at Turlock High School
Gabriela De La Mora (1st Place: CSU System-wide Research Competition)

Assessing Technological Impact

Dehumanization by Mass Production: the Cause of Job Dissatisfaction?
Lisa Duong

Blue Water Sailors in the Information Age.pdf
James D. Dyer (3rd Place: CSU Stanislaus Undergraduate Research Competition)

Exploring the Margins of Co-Existence

Legitimate Then, Illogical Now: Tracing the Origins of Atomic Weapons
Nicholas Martinez

It Could be Worse: Perceived Passivity Prevails in Civil Disobedience
Chris Beebout


Boundaries in Translation at the Margins of Liminal Excess: Calibrating the Voice of Empire to the Ear of Resistance
James A. Tuedio

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