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Audit Policy.pdf
Budget Transfer Form.xls
Cash Management and Bank Accounts Policy.pdf
Carry Forward Funding Request Form.xlsx
Category Code List.pdf
CMAS ContractsNew Browser or website icon
Collections & Write-Off Policy.pdf
Contractor General Provisions
for Goods
Contractor General Provisions
for Services
Core Expense Codes.pdf
Delegation of Authority for Expenditures Form.pdf
Department Codes List - FY 13/14
Direct Deposit Authorization - Employee
Direct Deposit Authorization - Students
Direct Deposit Authorization - Vendor
Direct Pay Form - Employee
Direct Pay Form - Vendor
Direct Pay Guidelines.doc
Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise.pdf
(Participation Requirements)
FIRMS Data Element Dictionary.pdf
Financial Queries-CMS

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Foundation Account Application-Endowment.pdf
Foundation Account Application-Scholarships and Campus Programs.pdf
Fund Glossary
Guest Lecturer | Honorarium Agreement.pdf
Guest Lecturer | Honorarium Agreement Instructions.pdf
Honorarium | Stipend Guidelines (Payment Matrix for Consultants & Guests).pdf
Hospitality Form.xls
Hospitality Policy.pdf
Independent Contractor Determination Checklist.pdf
Independent Contractor vs. Special Consultant vs. Guest Lecturer.pdf
Invoicing Department Guidelines
Inter-Department Transfer Request Form
Invoice Billing Request Form
Journal Template FY2013.xls
KTEK Pricing.pdf
KTEK Warranty.pdf
MBA Fee Reversal Request.pdf
OfficeMax Contact Info.pdf
OfficeMax Order App.pdf
Payment Matrix for Consultants & Guests
Payroll Expenditure Transfer Form.xls
Procedures for Cash Donations.pdf
Procurement Matrix.pdf
Property Control Policy.pdf
Records Information Retention EO-1031 Policy.pdf
Request for Refund Form.pdf
Signature Policy for
Financial Transactions
Signature Policy Implementation.doc
Sole Source | Brand.pdf
Sole Source | Criteria.pdf
PCard Handbook.pdf
PCard FAQ's.pdf
PCard Application & Cardholder Agreement
PCard Missing Receipt Affidavit.pdf
PCard Pre-Authorization Form.pdf
PCard Reallocation Worksheet.pdf
PCard Receipt Form.pdf
PCard Returned Merchandise Report.pdf
Speedchart Request Form
Travel Binder Manual
CSU System Travel Procedures & Regulations.pdf
Blanket Travel Request & Claim
Travel Request & Claim
Travel Request & Claim Instructions.pdf
International Travel Request
Travel Receipt Form.pdf
Travel: On Campus
Defensive Driving Course RegistrationNew Browser or website icon
Driving Privileges & Use of Motor Vehicles.pdf
Misc Receipts.xls
Missing Receipt Verification.doc
Moving Expense Instruction.pdf
On-Campus Interview Form.pdf
On-Campus Interview Receipt.xls
On-Campus Interviews & Expenses Instructions.pdf
STD 236.pdf
(Hotel/Motel Transient Occupancy Tax Waiver)
STD 261.pdf
(Authorization to User Privately Owned Vehicle on State Business)
Travel - Off Campus
American Express Card On-Line Application.pdf
American Express Card Travel Program InformationNew Browser or website icon
AmtrackNew Browser or website icon
(Catch a Train online)
Commercial Car Rental Contract InforNew Browser or website icon
Discount Airfare for Official State Business.pdf
Enterprise Rent-A-CarNew Browser or website icon
Executive Order 1041–Student Travel.pdf
Highways.tvNew Browser or website icon
(Commuter & Travel Information)
QuickAIDNew Browser or website icon
(Airport Directory & World Travel Guide)
SWABIZNew Browser or website icon
(Business unit of Southwest)
State AssistanceNew Browser or website icon
Trust Account Agreement Form.pdf
Vendor Data Record-204 Form.pdf
Wireless Device Authorization Form.pdf
Wireless Device Policy.pdf