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Step-by-step instructions for tasks related to planning and holding events on the Stanislaus State campus:

How can I see what events are scheduled on the Stanislaus State Campus?

All campus events are listed on the 25Live Calendar

  • When the R25 calendar opens the non-class events for the current day are listed.
  • To view non-class events for another day click on the date in the calendar at the right of the screen. Because there are so many events per day it is not advisable to click on the week or month view.
  • To view events according to an event type (i.e., Art Events, Community Events, Athletic Calendar, Faculty Events, etc.) click on the group title (filter) in the column on the right of the screen. This will cause the non-class events to be filtered to the specific event type.

How do I use the Events Calendar to see what campus venues are available?

  • Go to 25Live Non-Class Events
  • Click on "Locations" in gray R25 header.  This will take you to the default calendar showing the MSR Conference Rooms for the current month. If the hour block is filled in the room is booked for that time period.
  • For other locations see the list on the right of the screen (e.g., Arts Complex, Classroom Building, etc.). Click on the group title to see the various spaces in that location group (i.e. Dining Facility includes Main Dining, MSR Café, etc.)
  • You can change the date ranges by clicking on the calendar in the right column. You can view by day, by week, and by month.

How can I submit a reservation for a University sponsored event?

  • Use the R25 Events calendar. For the reservation module to work you must open the web using Firefox or Chrome browsers. It will not function well in Internet Explorer.
  • Once you determine your preferred date, location, and time, double click on the box under the start hour for the chosen space.
  • A screen opens requesting your username and password. Note that if you are not currently an R25 user you can click on "click here" to request access. If you are a current user, log on and complete the form.
  • Your reservation will require an account code for facility and campus services charges. If you wish to request a fee reduction or waiver complete the Facility Use Fee Waiver/Reduction Request. Contact Event Services for assistance in submitting this request 209-667-3913.
  • You will receive a response that indicates a tentative reservation.
  • After the reservation has been approved by an R25 scheduler you will receive reservation verification.
  • If you need to change or cancel a reservation contact Event Services 209-667-3913.
  • If you have questions or difficulties making a reservation contact Event Services 209-667-3913.


How can I submit a reservation for a University department or organization co-sponsored event?

Submit the reservation as described above for University sponsored events.

Campus departments or organizations that co-sponsor events will become the primary campus contact for the event. The department or organization will be responsible for full compliance with campus procedures for event planning, contact with campus service providers, any related liabilities, insurance, and costs associated with the event. The sponsoring department must submit a Facility Use Fee Waiver request and it must be approved by the Vice President of Business & Finance (CFO). In instances where either party of the co-sponsored event stands to make a profit, the Facility Use Fee Waiver will not be permitted.

How do I schedule catering for my event?

Chartwells is the exclusive food service provider for California State University, Stanislaus. They specialize in enticing menus for a variety of events. Chartwells Catering and culinary team offer creative and unique presentations, which can complement any style from casual to elegant.  Please contact the Catering Office at 209-667-3634 and a professional catering manager will assist you with the planning of your event.

If you would like to place a catering order online, visit csustan.catertrax.com

How can I get approval to have a staff potluck on campus?

To ensure the health and safety of our campus community any food provided to and/or sold to the public must comply with the Temporary Food Permit Policy, and fill out a Temporary Food Permit Application

For food safety instructions go the Risk Management Temporary Food Service web page

What do I need to do to schedule campus services for my event?

Facilities Services: Submit a Facilities Services Work Order. Link http://www.csustan.edu/BF/Documents/FacilityRequest-WorkOrder.pdf

Risk Management: Go to the Risk Management web site, Special Event Safety Planning, for complete instructions and guidelines. This site provides you with complete information about:

  • Special Event Insurance
  • Consent & Release of Liability
  • Events with Alcohol
  • First aid Stations
  • State fire Marshal Permit
  • Parking
  • Security

Keep in mind that there may be a charge for campus services, depending upon the nature of the event.

How do I pay for campus services?

Appropriate account numbers must be provided when completing the event reservation. The charge will be processed through the charge-back process. The campus service providers can provide you with cost estimates prior to the event.

How do I pay guest speakers?

For instructions go to "how to" pay guest speakers on Buying & Paying web page

How to I pay off-campus vendors?

For instructions go to "how to" pay vendors on Buying & Paying web page

How do I cancel an event reservation?

To cancel an event reservation, contact the Event Services Office. 209-667-3913