Business Administration Majors

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Name of Scholarship GPA Award
Class Level Details/Requirements
Atherton Scholarship 3.50 $1,500 (2-3) C

» Accounting Major

» Full-time enrollment required

» Senior standing in year of receipt of award

» 400-word essay describing why student is majoring in Accounting (include career goals)

The Bee Scholarship 3.20 $2,000 (1) C

» Given by Mr. Fred Bee

» Available to Junior/Senior/Graduate (in a Master??s program) class levels

» Part-time or full-time enrollment

» Financial need is required (apply and qualify for financial aid using the 2013-2014 FAFSA form before 3-2-2013)

» Scholarship essay required (see STARS Online?¢ scholarship application for specific topic)

Betty McCoy Memorial Scholarship 3.00 $500 C

» 3rd-year student majoring in Business

» Full-time enrollment required

» Scholarship Application must include statement of community service completed

» At least one letter of recommendation needs to be from a CSU Stanislaus faculty member within the major

Boyett Scholarship for Excellence 2.80 $2,500 (2) C

» Must have GPA of at least 2.80 in Business Administration major as well as overall GPA

» Full-time and part-time enrollment

» Junior/Senior class standing

» Financial need required (apply and qualify for financial aid using the 2013-2014 FAFSA form before 3-2-2013)

» Statement of Objectives must outline your potential for leadership in business (through campus involvement and community service).

» Recommendation letter from a CSU Stanislaus Business Administration faculty member.

CBA Business Advisory Board Scholarship 3.00 $500 C $

» Juniors only

» Full-time enrollment required

» First generation college students

» Submit statement of need, career plans, and family background

» Demonstrate community involvement

The Dean??s Merit Award 2.50 $500 C

» Juniors only

» Full or part-time

» First generation college students

» Demonstrate community involvement (describe in STARS Online?¢ Essay Question)

» Submit one letter of reference from any source

The Dean Amin A. Elmallah Scholarship 2.80 varies C

» Sophomore or Junior standing

» Full-time enrollment required

» First generation college students

» Must demonstrate community service and citizenship

Edward J. Daly Scholarship 3.00 $400 C

» Full-time enrollment required

Kemper CPA Group LLP Scholarship 3.00 $2,000 C

» For Business Administration majors with accounting concentration

» Part-time or full-time enrollment

NAPM-CC Scholarship (National Association of Purchasing Management - Central California Scholarship) T&C: 3.00
I: 3.50
$500 I T C

» Must be member in good standing in the NAPM Central California chapter (membership is free)

» Must attend at least two NAPM-CC dinner meetings during the academic year

» Must volunteer to assist the NAPM-CC Board

» Must attend the NAPM-CC monthly dinner meeting in June 2014 (held in Modesto/Stockton area).

» Continuing CSU Stanislaus must have a minimum of 12 units coursework completed

» Must be U.S. citizen

» Full-time enrollment required

» Two letters of recommendation required (1 must be from CSU Stanislaus faculty member, if a continuing student)