Course Redesign with Technology

The Course Redesign with Technology program funding is supported by the Chancellor’s Office.  The program was initiated in the 2013/14 academic year to give campuses the opportunity and support to develop and implement strategies to combat enrollment bottlenecks (anything limiting students’ ability to make progress towards graduation).  The Chancellor’s office supports a variety of programs that benefit student learning and success through course redesign.  For more information on the mission, visit the CSU Course Redesign with Technology.

The Chancellor’s office defines a variety of different bottlenecks as follows:

  • Student Readiness and Curricular Bottlenecks can result in D, F, or W grades, causing more students to retake the course. Enrollment demands increase through new students and students repeating the course.
  • Place-bound Bottlenecks result when students must wait for their campus to schedule particular courses. This can be especially significant at smaller campuses where diversity of course offerings competes for limited resources.
  • Facilities Bottlenecks can occur for a number of courses, particularly introductory STEM courses with laboratory requirements and restrictions on the number of students who may take lab sections.
  • Advising and Scheduling Bottlenecks result from lack of awareness of the wider range of course and program options students have to complete GE and major requirements.

This website is designed to bring together a variety of information about Course Redesign with Technology at California State University, Stanislaus.  You will find information from the Chancellor’s office website, about current redesign programs, and how to report your redesign programs.  If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at (209) 667-3082.