JOUR 2150 - Writing for the Media

(3 Units) Students will develop an in-depth understanding of print and electronic journalism€™s methods of news writing, gathering information, reporter assignments, and the legal and ethical issues in journalism. (Formerly Newswriting) (CAN JOUR 2)

JOUR 3012 - Journalism Laboratory
(3 Units) A practical course in newspaper writing with the emphasis on timely coverage of campus and area events and personalities: feature writing, interviews, human interest, student government reporting, photo judgment, and some newspaper layout and headline writing. Will culminate in the public distribution of a newspaper. May be repeated two times for a total of 9 units. Prerequisites: A €œB€ grade or higher in JOUR 2150 or equivalent; and word processing. (Fall, Spring)

JOUR 3020 - Communication and the Web: Web Production
(3 Units) The practice of journalism has been greatly impacted by technological changes in the last decade. This course gives students the tools and knowledge necessary to practice online journalism on the World Wide Web. Students will become familiar with writing and editing for the Web, Internet ethical and legal issues, basic layout and design principles, and the technologies and computer applications necessary to create journalistic content for the Web. The course also covers blogs and other new journalistic practices. (Formerly News Editing and Copy Preparation)

JOUR 3025 - Photojournalism
(2 Units) Theory and practice of photojournalism. Value of the photograph in mass media and its communication of news in newspapers and magazines; photographic news assignments and development of news photo essays. Prerequisites: Consent of instructor. (Fall)

JOUR 3030 - Freedom of Speech and Press: Contemporary Issues
(3 Units) Examines selected issues in freedom of speech and press as embodied in communications law, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution of the United States. Emphasis on the First and Fourteenth Amendments, to include understanding of clear and present danger, libel and slander, pornography, privacy, and public access to information. Considers functions of American legal system in resolving civil and criminal cases regarding communications. Satisfies G.E. area F3. Prerequisites: Junior standing or consent of instructor. (Fall, Spring)

JOUR 3040 - History of Journalism
(3 Units) A historical survey of the evolution of American journalism from the colonial period to the present. Satisfies G.E. area F3. (Fall)

JOUR 3112 - Radio Production Laboratory
(3 Units) A laboratory course in the fundamentals of radio broadcasting and production. Training in audio console operation, use of broadcast equipment, program formats, FCC rules and regulations, and announcing. Students will apply their skill at the university€™s radio station KCSS. May be repeated one time for a total of six units. Prerequisites: Consent of instructor. (Fall, Spring)
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Spring 2010 Syllabus - 2nd Semester Students.pdf

JOUR 4940 - Journalism Internship
(2-4 Units) Designed for students in journalism who want to apply their educational experience as an intern in a public or private organization. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisites: JOUR 2150, 3012, or 3112, or consent of instructor. (Fall, Spring)