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How Do I | Check Grades Use the My Grades feature to check your grades for each course. You can also review your answers and any feedback for assessments taken through Blackboard. Instructors choose how much information to make available regarding quizzes. They may choose to display only a score, additional information about which questions you answered correctly, or even the entire list of questions with correct answers. Any questions regarding your grade should be directed to the instructor.

In Your Course:

  • Click the Course Tools navigational link.
  • Click the My Grades link.
  • If the grade is from an online quiz, click the score to view the answers and feedback (if available).
  • If the grade is from an Assignment Link, click the score to see any feedback or downloadable document your instructor may have attached.

I took a quiz yesterday but I cannot see the grade in Blackboard. Why? If the quiz was taken online in the Blackboard system and it was a completely objective quiz, grades will be available immediately after completing the quiz, unless the instructor has chosen to make the grade unavailable. If the quiz was taken on paper, the grade will be in the Blackboard system after the instructor enters it in the online Grade Center Note: Data adapted from the San Diego State Student Help Pages