ASI Board of Directors Elections

ASI Student Government Elections

ASI UxSU Student Elections

Election Dates April 17th & April 18th


What is on the Ballot?!

2019 - 2020 Board of Directors

Your vote is your voice. Decide who will be your future student representatives!


Imagine the Posibilities

$10 more could get you...
More Student Scholarships
More Funding Student Organization Events
More Resources For Students In Need
More Multicultural And Diversity Events
Better StanFest & Warrior Day Festival Headliners
Better Homecoming Week
More Student Life At Stockton Campus
More Funding For Warrior Food Pantry & Career Closet

A "Yes" Vote: Student Success + Student Life = The Warrior Experience


ASI Bylaws Change

Shall the ASI Bylaws be amended?
We need your approval to make the following changes:
-Updated Executive Officer duty responsibilities
-Add a Vice President of Finance
-Updated ASI Director Positions
-Change of Rules Commitee to Judicial Commitee

A "Yes" vote: Makes The Changes To The Articles Of Incorporation


Ready, Set, Vote!!


The ASI Board of Directors positions purpose is to serve the students of Stanislaus State in all matters pertaining to the quality of their education. If you're interested in applying to ASI please review the following documents:

Check out the job description for each position!