Student Government

Messsage from ASI President

ASI PresidentMy main focuses are to represent your voice, enhance your college experience, and make a positive impact in your education. As a Graduate Student in the Public Administration Program at CSU Stanislaus, I believe education is a gateway to success in life.

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ASI Elections

The ASI Board of Directors mission is to serve the students of CSU Stanislaus in all matters pertaining to the quality of their education. If you're interested in applying to ASI please review the Important Dates, Application process, Campaign Information, Qualifications and Elections Code. Elections are held during the spring semester.

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Message from USU Chair

USU ChairI am extremely proud of what we have achieved, and even more excited about our outlook for an exciting future. Serving as an executive for the past two and a half years has changed my life and deepened my appreciation for what it means to be a Warrior.

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USU Application

The USU Board of Directors is responsible for making decisions concerning policy, renovations, marketing, and budgetary items, while providing overall direction for the facilities, programs, and services funded by Student Union fees. If you're interested in applying to the USU BOD please review the General Information and Application below. Recruitment takes place during the Spring semester.

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