Early Start Program

About the Early Start Program

The Early Start Program was mandated by the CSU Board of Trustees in response to the number of new students requiring remediation in mathematics and English. The goals of the Early Start Program include better preparation of new students in mathematics and English by starting in the summer preceding their first fall semester, provide better assessment of academic preparation and improve students' likelihood of a successful completion of a college degree.

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Early Start Timeline - Summer 2014

Important: Required students who do not complete their Early Start requirement will not be allowed to attend CSU Stanislaus in the fall.

April 1 Early Start Smart Page available (link available through student portal after accepting admission)
April 7 - July 11 Register for Early Start courses (available only to students who have completed their Early Start Smart Page). Courses begin throughout the summer so be sure to register before the start of the class. Deadline to register is July 11. 
June 13 Deadline to complete Early Start Smart Page
See Fees Schedule below Payment due for Early Start courses, if required.

Early Start Video Tutorials

To view tutorials on how to register for Early Start classes or make your payment, click the playlist icon at the top left of the video player and the respective video you would like to watch. 

Need help registering for classes?

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Check your student portal to verify tuition fees http://my.csustan.edu/

Registered Fee Payment Deadline
April 7 - May 28 May 28
May 28 - July 11 Pay immediately BEFORE enrollment at mycsustan student portal Make a Payment link- select "Future Fees" or pay in person at University Cashiers, MSR 100

Please make checks payable to "CSU Stanislaus" and include your Student ID#.


Fees Schedule

Tuition fees are subject to change without prior notice. As approved by the CSU Board of Trustees & CSU Stanislaus Student Fee Advisory committee.

Units Undergraduate-UG> Health fee> University Student Union Fee> Total Undergraduate>
1> $182.00> $1.00> $1.00> $184.00>
2> 364.00> 1.00> 1.00> 366.00>
3> 546.00> 1.00> 1.00> 548.00>
4> 728.00> 1.00> 1.00> 730.00>
5> 910.00> 1.00> 1.00> 912.00>
6> 1,092.00> 1.00> 1.00> 1,094.00>
7> 1,274.00> 1.00> 1.00> 1,276.00>

Failure to pay will result in cancellation of your Early Start course(s).