Overview of the Registration Process


Registration Notices are emailed to your University email account if you are eligible for Priority Registration. The notice will indicate your priority registration appointment start time, which is the earliest time you may access your myCSUSTAN account for registration purposes. The notice also includes any Service Indicators (or holds) that must be cleared before you will be allowed to register for any classes.

New Undergraduate Students will NOT receive a Registration Notice and must register for and attend a New Student Orientation to register for classes (See New Student Orientation page for dates and more information).

Priority Registration You are eligible for Priority Registration if 1) you were admitted as a returning student by the Admission deadline date (October 1st for Winter/Spring or April 1st for Summer/Fall), or 2) you are a continuing student (enrolled in classes within the preceding 12 months) and have not been academically or administratively disqualified, and have not applied for graduation for a prior term.

Eligible students who do not receive an Appointment Notice three days before the beginning of Priority Registration should call the Registration HelpLine at 209/667-3039.


Clear all Service Indicators on your student account. Please refer to the list below for who to contact.

Service Indicator Type Department to Contact Phone (209) Location
Advising Required Department of your Major    
Application fee not paid Enrollment Services 667-3152 MSR 120
Balance Due Cashier's Office 667-3611 MSR 100
Dishonored Check Cashier's Office 667-3611 MSR 100
Dorm Fees Housing 667-3675 Housing Office
ELM/EPT test not taken Testing Services 667-3157 MSR 180
Financial Aid Financial Aid Office 667-3336 MSR 100
Graduation Application Enrollment Services 667-3264 MSR 120
Hep B Grace Period/Out of Compl Health Center 667-3396 Health Center
International Student Ofc. of International Educ 667-3117 Student Services Building
Library Library 667-3234 Circulation Desk in Library
MMR Grace Period/Out of Compl Health Center 667-3396 Health Center
Must keep Math and/or English class Advising Resource Center 667-3304 MSR 180
Need Valid Address Enrollment Services 667-3264 MSR 120
New Student Advising Advising Resource Center 667-3304 MSR 180
Other Accounts Receivable Student Financial Services 667-3063 MSR 290
Other Records Enrollment Services 667-3264 MSR 120
Public Safety Public Safety 667-3114 Public Safety
Registration Fees Cashier's Office 667-3611 MSR 100
Senior Scholar Advising Resource Center 667-3304 MSR 180
Transcript Enrollment Services 667-3152 MSR 120
Veterans Enrollment Services 667-3081 MSR 120


Select Courses: If Advising Required is noted on your Appointment Notice, you are required to meet with your major advisor to select courses. Once you have been advised, your major department will release your advising hold and you will be enabled to register beginning at your scheduled time.

New Undergraduate Students: You must attend a New Student Orientation, during which you will receive advising, before you register. For dates, see the New Student Orientation section.

Reminder: Any other Service Indicators on your Appointment Notice must be cleared or you will not be allowed to register.

Permission Numbers or a Registration Options Form are to be used to add courses under the following circumstances.  Check the "Registration Activity Dates" section for all pertinent registration periods.

You must use a Registration Options form to:

  1. Change your grading option after Census Date.
  2. Register for a course as an Audit (requires instructor's signature)
  3. Add more than the allowable units (Excess Units) for that term (requires department chair's signature)
  4. Register for courses that have a Time Conflict (requires instructors' signature)

You must use a Permission Number to:

  1. Add a full class and/or a class for which you are waitlisted
  2. Add a course which is restricted
  3. Add a course without also adding its co-requisite course(s)

Individual Study, Cooperative Education, Thesis, Project, Internship, and Fieldwork:  These courses are not specifically listed, but they are offered by most departments every semester. Students must obtain special forms from their departments, Enrollment Services, or at www.csustan.edu/enrollmentservices/forms.html to register for these courses.  Completed forms, including required signatures, must be submitted to Enrollment Services no later than census date.


Your Time to Register: You may register on the Web at your appointment time or anytime thereafter during any scheduled Web registration period for that term. Students may not register prior to their appointment. Registering at your appointment time via the Web will give you priority in course selection for available courses.  Check the "Registration Activity Dates" section for all pertinent registration periods.

For instructions on registering online refer to the section "Help Accessing myCSUSTAN (PDFs)" on the left-hand side of this page.


Verify Your Classes: After you have registered, you may verify your complete course schedule, including Waitlisted courses, via the Web by selecting the "My Class Schedule" option from your myCSUSTAN account to see your complete course schedule.


Pay your fees on time: All fees for registration are due and payable by close of business on the due date at the Cashier's Office, Stockton Campus, drop box outside the Cashier's Office, or by a Web payment. A payment made using the drop box after close of business on the due date will be counted as a LATE payment. Mailed payments must be received by close of business on the due date. (Refer to the Money Matters section for specific fee payment information.)

On-time payment or a timely formal withdrawal from all courses by the student is necessary to avoid a debt to the University and/or penalty fees. Disenrollment action will be taken by the University for failure to pay fees when due.


Other Registration Information

Registration Appointment

You may register via your myCSUSTAN account beginning at your appointment time through the end of the registration period.  Registration appointments are determined by units completed* within class level in the following order: Senior, Graduate (continuing in a Master's Program), Graduate (new Admit to a Master's Program), Graduate (continuing Classified Credential), Graduate (New Classified Credential), Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, Graduate (Credential Preliminary), Graduate (Unclassified Post-Baccalaureate). *Coursework in progress is not counted toward total units.

Grading Option

Change requests made after the Census Date require the instructor's signature and will not be accepted 5 days before final exams. See the Special Situations section for additional information.

Excess Units

Registering for 15 units Spring or Fall semester, 5 units in Winter, or 10 units in Summer, requires submission of a Registration Options form with the signature of your major department chairperson approving the number of excess units to Enrollment Services no later than census date

Open Registration

This registration period is for eligible continuing and returning students, and new graduate students. Students already registered may add or drop classes at this time also.

Late Registration & Late Adds

Students who initially register after the Open Registration periods as indicated in the Dates to Remember section will be charged a $25 Late Registration Fee. A $10 surcharge will be required for each request to add a course(s) after the Add deadline.

Census Date

This is the last date that any Registration, Add, or Drop requests may be made for that term. Enrollment changes WILL NOT be accepted after this date.

Course Adds

Eligible students may add a course online during a scheduled registration period and after the term begins. Instructor signatures are not required to add available courses during the scheduled add and drop periods as noted in the "Registration Activity Dates" page. To add a course that is full or restricted you must obtain and use a Permission Number by census date. No automatic disenrollment action will be taken for non-attendance.

Course Drops

Eligible students may drop a course online during a scheduled registration period and after the term begins.  Instructor signatures are not required to drop a course during the scheduled add and drop periods as noted in the "Registration Activity Dates" page.  Students are responsible for dropping courses online through census date.  Failure to do so may result in punitive grades being issued.  Students wanting to Withdraw from the term will need to complete a Withdrawal form, including last date of attendance, and submit to Enrollment Services for refund consideration.

Course Availability: Closed/Full Courses

Students can check course availability online. Adding a closed/full class requires a Permission Number, which needs to be obtained from the instructor of the course.

Course Availability: Waitlist Classes

A student may place him/herself on a waitlist for a closed class if the class has specified a waitlist option. The student is not officially registered for the class until they add the course via a Permission Number.  Eligible students will be removed from the waitlist and registered into a class without notification if a seat is made available.  Students will not be moved from a waitlist into a class if they have also registered in another section of that course. If the waitlisted class is preferred, it is suggested that students not register in another section of the same course.  It is the student's responsibility to obtain and use a Permission Number to add a waitlisted class. Students that are waitlisted for all classes on their schedule are subject to Late Registration fees once the term begins. Waitlisting is not available once the term begins.

Students whose names do not appear on an instructor's Class Roster are not enrolled in that class.

Verification of Enrollment

Once registration begins, the primary method to verify course enrollment is by checking your schedule at my.csustan.edu. Schedules will NOT be mailed to students. Once instruction begins, a student should verify that his/her name appears on the instructor's current Class Roster. Students who also need additional written confirmation of enrolled courses may order one by requesting it in person at the Enrollment Services Office after paying a $5 fee at Cashiers for this service. An alternative is ordering a full transcript for $4.

Student Responsibility for Timely Course Enrollment, Adds, and Drops

Students should officially drop courses which they have no intention of completing rather than risk a "WU" (equivalent to an "F") or "NC" grade by Census date. Students should not assume the instructor will take disenrollment action.

Only under special restricted circumstances can an instructor drop a student from a course. Students who register for a class and do not attend the first class meeting should notify the instructor or the departmental office no later than 24 hours after the first class meeting if they intend to remain in the class. Students who fail to provide such notification may be dropped administratively from the course by the instructor. The instructor also may administratively drop students who do not meet the catalog prerequisites for the class. These administrative drops shall be without penalty and must be filed by the instructor with the Enrollment Services Office no later than the Census date.

Each registrant will be held personally and fully responsible for course enrollment, adds, drops, and his/her failure to add and drop courses by the Census date listed in the Dates to Remember Calendar.

Withdrawal from the University

Students may withdraw from the University through the census date without having any notation indicated on their permanent academic record. To do this, students may drop all classes through the Web or submit a completed Withdrawal Form to the Enrollment Services Office (MSR 120) by the Census date.

Students who withdraw from the University on or before the Census date will be considered continuing students for the following term if they were enrolled on the census date of the previous semester and have not yet graduated. See the Money Matters section for refund instructions. Fees and tuition will pro-rate based on last date of enrollment as recorded by Enrollment Services.

Course Fees

Certain courses that require an additional fee are noted in the Schedule of Classes with a dot in the Special Fees column. Fees vary by course and courses with an additional fee are listed in the Money Matters section.

On-Time Fee Payment is Required

On-time payment or a timely formal withdrawal from courses by the student is necessary to avoid a debt to the University and/or a penalty fee. Students who do not pay fees by the fee payment deadline will be assessed a $25 late payment fee, which increases for each date that fees are not paid. See the Money Matters section in the Schedule of Classes.

Disenrollment from Classes

The University will cancel registration without additional notice for failure to pay fees by the appropriate deadlines and the student will be liable for penalty fees that have accrued up until the date of cancellation. See registration calendar, registration instructions, and the Money Matters section in the Schedule of Classes.